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November 25, 2016
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Bad Credit Loans in Prince Rupert

Having a job doesn’t always mean that you make enough income. Sure, you have some money coming in, but it may not stretch far enough to make ends meet. So, you may have fallen behind on your expenses, meaning that you’ll have to come up with more money to pay for basic necessities.

Of course, if you’re not bringing in enough money, the long-term solution is to cut back on expenses and/or bring in more income. However, in the short-term, you’ll have to find a quick source of cash to stay afloat until you are able to work out a long-term plan. What can you do?

Consider a Car Title Loan

If you own a vehicle, you may be able to borrow money against it. By turning your car title into Prince Rupert bad credit loans, you will be able to get the cash you need. In fact, Approve Loan Now offers loans for as little as $1,000 and goes all the way up to $50,000, giving you flexibility in your borrowing needs.

Get a Loan Quickly

Traditional loans (such as those from a bank) usually take days or weeks to process. However, car title loans are often processed on the same day. Here at Approve Loan Now, we usually process loans in around an hour, meaning that you could get the cash you need.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Whether you want to pay your loan back in a month or over several years, you can often do so with a car title loan. This means that you can pay it back quickly or do so over time, allowing for flexible repayment terms that suit your financial situation.

No Credit Check

With the financial mess of the past few years, lending has been tighter. Banks and other traditional financial institutions have had stricter requirements than in previous times.

With a car title loan from Approve Loan Now, you will never have to go through a credit check. This is good news if you have no credit or poor credit, as it won’t hurt your chances of getting a loan.

If you are in need of fast cash, let our car title loans help. Call us and apply now!

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