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April 9, 2022
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According to IBISWorld, we can expect an increase in the tour operator industry in Canada because they have seen a rise in Canadian trips, mainly in the tourism sector. Although the industry has experienced some setbacks brought by the Coronavirus pandemic, there remains a promising outlook in the tourism industry. So if you want to start a business, why not venture to a travel agency with the help of special financing auto loan Ajax Ontario? 

How To Start A Travel Agency

  • Study the business. Before starting any business venture, you should have researched and studied the industry to see if it is really for you. Running a business without enough knowledge about it is courting trouble. You will waste your time, money, and effort, for there is a big chance that you will fail than succeed.
  • Take a TICO exam. To become a TICO certified counselor, you should complete your TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario ) exam. 
  • Register your business. Remember to register your business first before you can start. You should also get all other required permits and licenses.
  • Look for a host TICO registered agency. You can not immediately promote your business legally after you have completed the exam. You have to join an Ontario-based agency to get a two-year travel agent experience required to get your own TICO registration number.
  • Check if you have enough capital to start your business. If money is tight and your savings is not enough, you take bad credit no problem auto loans to augment your working capital.

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