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Sudden financial emergencies can affect your mental health and peace. There are many reasons why these financial problems enter your life. You could be needing money to pay your utility bills, planning to have a vacation with the family, pay for the education fees, want to repair your house, etc. Due to these reasons, you cannot depend on banks for immediate cash requirements. Banks and many other funding institutions want a  “good” credit score for you to get approved and continue with loan processing.

A low credit score can cause funding institutions to reject your loan application. It’s because they put people with bad scores under the category of “high risk customers” who may not have the ability to pay them back.  Also, their loans can take forever to process. 

Loan On low credit score

This is the major reason why collateral loans have become very common among Canadians nowadays. These loans allow you to use an asset as a form of security to the lender to get the loan amount. Approve Loan Now provides same day cash collateral loan to people facing all types of financial crunches in their lives.

Keep Your Vehicle

You can keep using your vehicle as you normally do since we won’t keep it from you. As soon as you get the loan amount, you are free to take home your vehicle with you along with the loan funds. We know and completely understand how important your vehicle is for your daily activities. 

Payment Plans

The flexible payment plans make it easy for the borrower to manage finances well. Our loan has a term of 48 months, so you can go for easy and small monthly payments. In case you wish to finish paying the loan before its maturity, you can do so. There will be no prepayment penalty charges for this.

Prerequisites of Our Title Loan

To get a same day cash collateral loan from us, you don’t have to fill-up and submit tons of  paperwork. We make it easy for our borrowers who want fast cash for immediate financial needs. You just need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You should be the owner of a fully paid for vehicle which can be a car, truck, van, S.U.V, motorcycle, etc.
  • The vehicle must be less than 10 years old and should have a clear title to it.
  • There should be a collision and comprehensive insurance of your car in your name.
  • You need to have legitimate registration papers of your car under your name. 
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license.
  • Proof of permanent residency.
  • A second set of vehicle keys that work on all doors and ignition, need to be submitted at the time of inspection.

With these basic requirements, everyone can easily get an approval for our  same day cash collateral loans. So get in touch with us by giving us a call at our (toll free) 1.844.452.4125 or apply online now!

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