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November 14, 2022
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Visitors visit Tokyo for shopping and entertainment or to experience the Japanese arts and culture. Japan is very clean, and Tokyo is no exception. Tokyo is much cleaner than other big cities because the Japanese are extra careful with cleanliness. Japanese are also polite and friendly to strangers. If you want to visit this Japanese city, an auto finance Vernon British Columbia can bring you to Tokyo if your savings are insufficient.

What To Do And What To See In Tokyo?

  • Tokyo River Cruise. These river cruises offer tourists a fantastic view of the city. Try the sunset cruise in the city and enjoy the sight of the Skytree, Tokyo tower, and Rainbow bridge. The night view of Tokyo Bay is stunning. Complete your experience by dining in the onboard restaurant and tasting the wide selection of excellent local dishes.
  • Meiji Shrine. This famous Shintu Shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, a peaceful place in the heart of Tokyo. With its rich history, this shrine is one of the most visited tourist attractions.
  • Takeshita-Dori. Young people would love to visit this famous street. Many people flocked to this place, especially on weekends. There are plenty of stores that young people love, like kawaii accessories, colorful and crazy clothes, trendy fashion, and make-up stores. Sweet foods are in abundance here. 

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