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January 2, 2023
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Paraguay is a unique place to visit where you can experience many exciting facts. It is a country with two official languages, Guarani and Spanish. Paraguay has the second-largest natural water reserve in the world, the Guarani Aquifer. On top of that, it also has one of the largest hydroelectric power plants. If visiting Paraguay interests you, let auto finance Regina Saskatchewan bring you to this great country.

AmazingTourist Destinations In Paraguay

  • Asuncion. It is one of the oldest cities on the continent, packed with colonial buildings. It has plenty of museums, botanical gardens, and cathedrals. Do not miss visiting Barrio Loma San Jeronimo, one of the oldest barrios in the city, dazzling with colorful neighborhoods and authentic culture. If you love authentic souvenirs, you can visit Mercado Cuatro. 
  • Ybycui National Park. It has only an area of 5,000 hectares. Still, it is a favorite destination of nature lovers and hikers—a stunning mountain range in the background of crystalline streams and waterfalls. There is also a common sight of deer, howler monkeys and peccaries, and several bird species.
  • Saltos del Monday Falls.  This fantastic waterfall in the Presidente Franco, with 120 meters in width, three main falls, and a smaller one, will surely captivate your heart. These falls are a perfect getaway for a picnic and an excellent destination for nature lovers. It is also an important meeting place for pre-Hispanic Guarani natives because of its mythological significance.

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