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March 7, 2023
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Plitvice Lake is a national park, the largest and the oldest in Croatia. It has picturesque landscapes, perfect for stunning photos. It is famous for its 16 magnificent terraced lakes joined by waterfalls with breathtaking scenery. It became one of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1979 due to its splendid lakes, caves, and waterfalls. So why not bring your family to Croatia with your cash for car Calgary Alberta?

Amazing Sights and Ways To Experience Plitvice Lake National Park

If you visit Plitvice Lake National Park, you will always have fun activities and things to do.

  • Veliki Slap. Fed by Plitvica Potok river, it is the highest and the most beautiful waterfall in the Plitvice Lake National Park. It measures 78 meters high and is completely frozen during winter, forming a beautiful giant sculpture.
  • Grabovača Cave Park. It is a unique park with several caves and one of the first in Europe. Among the caves, only Samograd cave is open to visitors. The view is splendid and mesmerizing. It is a place for nature lovers, photographers, and adventure seekers.
  • Mrežnica River. A beautiful river perfect for kayaking. It is one of a kind because of its 93 waterfalls. If you love the adrenaline rush, you can jump in one of the small waterfalls. 

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